Faun Tracks … Where we’ve been

We’ve begun.  A descent  into climbing temperatures. . With new notions of night.  We returned from our first European trip as a family mid June, riding the waves of the arctic mid summer, where the idea of night as ‘dark’ didn’t exist. And now, in this humidity, the idea of the night as ‘cold’ isn’t relevant… Read more

  Holy smokes,  we did it.. we got a new album finished!  BORN OF THE SUN. Available on Drag City Records July 22, 2016  (For pre-ordering & downloads: http://www.dragcity.com/products/born-of-the-sun ) and in our hands for sale at our North American shows this summer. Woodshedding all winter long- sleeping little, despite winter’s intended hibernation – but cavorting heavily with the… Read more

Hello !  From our hearth to yours, from our relished winter patterns around the kitchen counters and tabletop, we prepare a feast of songs in the late of the night conducted by crackling wood, directed by a hooting owl …to serve up soon. Even in this quiet of February, a quickening begins. . and I… Read more

JUST around that curve in the gravel road, beyond the cluster of heavy plum trees and inside the chicken coop-turned-cottage, there’s a lot of commotion going on:  the whirring of a sewing machine, the swish of a broom, the patterns of drums and tambourines, the shouts of calls and responses, the shrill of flute song, the… Read more

Skate with us along the wheel further into the winter kingdom, this upcoming Solstice weekend..! On Friday Dec. 19th and Saturday Dec. 20th, Faun Fables is joining forces with old friend and devotee of pastoral minstrel secrets, B’eirth (of BIRCH BOOK) one of the great gemstones to be mined from Utah, who is now based in Germany. He has created… Read more