Of February ~   the Quickening -Winter 2016

Hello ! 

From our hearth to yours, from our relished winter patterns around the kitchen counters and tabletop, we prepare a feast of songs in the late of the night conducted by crackling wood, directed by a hooting owl …to serve up soon. Even in this quiet of February, a quickening begins. . and I find myself making a second round of strong tea these days  into the quiet, dark half of the day. .

*We are playing soon.  Friday, Feb. 5th in Berkeley at The Starry Plough (w/ Scott Amendola & Jack O’ the Clock), featuring much of what will be on a new Faun Fables album available this summer .. hoorah !

*Then we are going to the Lost Coast of California to play a special Valentine’s show (Sat. Feb. 13th) with homemade chocolates for sale from the whole family.

And to mix the new album with Dan Rathbun (Petrolia native, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum/Free Salamander Exhibit member) who produced most of the Faun Fables records over the years. We’ve also brought the ears and hands of Mark Stikman (harmonica chanteuse and Polymorph Studio founder) into this work.

… So, if you’re interested in the initiation of a giant redwood forest, followed by an hour ½ of slow hairpin turns before arriving at a pristine, dreamy settlement along the Mattole River .. this is a Valentine’s not for the faint-hearted, and we’ll see you there!

“Along with a bunch of adorable kids,” says Ura.

*Speaking of summertime, the whole Faun Fables family will embark upon our first European trip, May 15 ~ June 13th :   Poland, Germany, Austria, and the arctic circle in Norway… look out !

We’re eager to begin opening the doorways, curtains and tent flaps of Europe!..we’ve focused primarily on North America for so many years.

*That said, expect to see us roll down the highway in your nearby North American town a little later this summer, July ~ August.  Ready to sing our hearts out for you, with the new Faun Fables album in hand.

Until then, throw another log on the fire for us, make a second round of strong tea. 

Don’t miss this Winter stillness.. and heed the quickening.  !


Dawn, Nils & the littler fauns

Photo of Faun Fables by Jonathan Beckley

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