Faun Tracks, Winter 2014

Skate with us along the wheel further into the winter kingdom, this upcoming Solstice weekend..!

On Friday Dec. 19th and Saturday Dec. 20th, Faun Fables is joining forces with old friend and devotee of pastoral minstrel secrets, B’eirth (of BIRCH BOOK) one of the great gemstones to be mined from Utah, who is now based in Germany. He has created some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever known.
Also LASHER KEEN, full-tilt seekers of the bardic way, and comrades so dear to us. They grow out of the soil of Nevada City, CA.. that nugget of gold rush joy in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We’ll tell some songs and sing some stories …

in San Francisco on FRIDAY, DEC. 19th @ The Emerald Tablet.   Click here!
and in Grass Valley, CA on SATURDAY, DEC. 20th @ 220 Bresee Place. Click here!

Please join us for a monsters-of-folk kinda journey of songs …to dry & warm your damp chilly souls!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mty7N_z8Uko (be sure to listen until the second half.. the Arrowsmith’s fire. !)




*New Faun Fables recording
*Nils as an ancient Irish god
*New umbrella website soon
*Recent highlights/links/pics
*We’re country-bound ! 

*We’ve begun a NEW RECORD, or two. Hooray !! It’s been 4+ years, folks.
In the interim, we toured a bunch and made some humans, but no recording. Just the cauldron of the muse bubbling away, getting it all in there, rich and dense and good. We’re psyched.

*Nils has been cast as the ancient Irish god Midir in LASHER KEEN’s production of THE MIDDLE KINGDOM,
a mythic song cycle, which will debut in Grass Valley, CA in February 2015 @ The OffCenter Stage…

*I’ll be launching a new website under my own name, an umbrella site that covers all my singing work (plus some other cozy tidbits to hang your hat upon & stay awhile, for those dark nights of the soul!)

There’s interesting & mysterious projects and collaborations afoot.
When the new site is up and ready, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

This fall had some grand moments with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. .
~At ‘HARDLY STRICTLY BLUEGRASS’ festival in Golden Gate Park, Oct. 5th


~At the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, saluting the music of The Everly Brothers, Oct. 25th

It was amazing to share an event & a stage with so many crucial players & producers of early rock ‘n roll, including Don Everly himself (pictured here backstage). It was a really satisfying culmination of our focus upon the Everly Brothers that started when Will & myself began working on WHAT THE BROTHERS SANG in 2012.
If you haven’t spent time with the Everly Brother’s gorgeous crystalline singing yet, for goodness sake, do it.

*Lastly, we’re rounding up our girl-children, hoisting the big shoe upon our backs, and moving up north to a cottage in Sonoma County. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get my country-lass-wench self on again ..!


Summertime should bring some Faun Fables travels – possibly overseas,  definitely on our home turf of North America.

Will we see you then ?

Until then, it’s in the Gingerbread Tin..
Dawn & the Faun Fables family
(..Nils, Edda, Ura, Gudrin)

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