Faun Tracks … Where we’ve been

FAUN FABLES North American Tour Sept.1- Nov.13th 2012 There are things more steadfast than humans, I think, as I see an old film shining with sea & hill vistas I just traveled through and played along last week, on California’s Lost Coast: the same nature, same brilliance, same cycles, and yet most of the actors are now… Click and read more

“There’s a time for everything, all in the proper order at the proper time.” -Mrs. Brown, NATIONAL VELVET And now, FINALLY is the time to announce a singing project that incubated summer 2011 while listening to an EVERLY BROTHERS greatest hits cassette in continuous rotation at the demand of my toddlers until the car stereo ate… Click and read more

Yes. I love to hear about people making do, and making magic in this crazy quilt world of ours….it’s like Ma Ingalls loved to say “It takes all kinds to make a world…” Such a simple, quiet way of embracing the crazy (and sometimes downright disheartening) wide-range of experiences and things in this human world… Click and read more

Ok..! Here it is. . we’re excited, you old friends, you old, dear towns: F A U N F A B L E S…….2012 tour (*w/ Rasputina) S E P T E M B E R Su 2 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge Fr 7 Denton, TX @ Dan’s Silverlea Sa 8 Austin… Click and read more

LIMITED COPIES! ‘Werewolf Songs’ Music inspired by Swedish Folklore…now available along with accompanying book: http://www.malortforlag.se/english.php FAUN FABLES, HEDNINGARNA, BIRCH BOOK & others contributed music. .. ! Click here for a review… Click and read more