The Living Road

Yes. I love to hear about people making do, and making magic in this crazy quilt world of ours….it’s like Ma Ingalls loved to say “It takes all kinds to make a world…” Such a simple, quiet way of embracing the crazy (and sometimes downright disheartening) wide-range of experiences and things in this human world.

Something I think of how to approach /alot/, nowadays, with 2 little fresh imps at my skirt-tails; with the tremendous, exciting, and daunting task of sheparding them into this world.

I’ve been thinking about how it’s such a natural instinct, a nesting instinct, to want to give your new little ones this pure innocent perfect experience. . but that is really quite nebulous. How would that be defined ? And how many of us can even manage it, as far as getting the picturesque settings?

As far as what’s within our walls (and the pathways we trod, that we skim and skate) we make magic. But beyond that … I feel we can only partially shape.

It was kinda hard to decide to stay in the city with the girls (not that it seemed there were many options), and yet, there’s alot of great stuff here to pour over (and enough nature and rustic/pagan magic to make the population density tolerable..) … especially once they’re at an age where they’ll want to experience it outside of the realm of our ‘home’.

I am very excited to bring the girls out to the gypsy life – something that is an undeniable part of Nils and mine’s fabric. It is how we can live in the whole world, and the realm of ‘home’ becomes this roving, active, alive, upstream thing.

When I was pregnant with Edda (the 1st one), I considered giving up showbiz for an unknown amount of time, and I swear she responded (in utero) saying “don’t you dare ! That’s why I picked you.” And it feels really grand, like an important accomplishment (won after some hits… won with alot of perserverence) to be returning to the Living Road with them, as a family. The gypsy family I’ve always dreamed of having (mixed with a life close to home and hearth, a balance..).


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