An exclusive look at the making of “What The Brothers Sang”

From Drag City Records: February 19th is fast approaching! So it’s now or never for you to take an exclusive look at the making of Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s sweet, full-length Everly Brothers covers odyssey, What The Brothers Sang. Shot by Lara Miranda during the album’s Nashville recording sessions (produced by David Ferguson at Butcher Shop Studio in McCreary County, KY), the footage provides bite-sized, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the languid, affecting, at times humorous, yet mostly downright spiritual creation of an extremely special album.


What The Brothers Sang was inspired by, and made with deep respect for The Everly Brothers. Here, in the studio, with players assembled to accompany Dawn and Bonny in paying tribute, witness the sensuous give-and-take resonating throughout the room– every surface that’s being pressed or rubbed or hit is a part of the action, each song infused sonically with these deep moments of exalted collaboration. Along with Dawn and Bonny, these songs were played by Emmett Kelley, Dave Roe and Kenny Malone, with featured players Billy Contreras, John Mock, Dan Dugmore, Matt Sweeney, Pete Townsend, John Catchings, Bobby Wood, Joey Miskalin, Nils Frykdahl, Ian McAllister, Joey Baron, Dr. Chris Vivio, and Noah Tag – see if you can spot them here!

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