(2001, re-issue 2004, Drag City)

BuyHereDawn and Nils made a hand-assembled, first pressing of MOTHER TWILIGHT (self released 2001) that’s mostly been available at Faun Fables live shows. They peddled it to nearly every bar and rural hall across North America from 2001-2003, in the course of national and international tours. This first pressing is nearly sold out. Drag City is releasing a re-issue in new packaging, available August, 2004.

With this recording, I salute two portals of my life, twilight and travel. – Dawn

“This music is rare and seems to hark back to days of old when magic was still alive and strange creatures roamed the earth. A beautiful and brave record.”

– www.collectedsounds.com
“The album resounds with clear, cool numbers that seem to rove wonderously through the mountain pines at dusk.”

– SF Weekly
“A cocktail of beauty and peril….MOTHER TWILIGHT bares the eeriness of travelling alone in a strange land.”

– The Gazette, CO Springs
“Met on a rutted road in the French Revolution, their music would offer
a lonely traveller kinship and solace.”

-Village Voice, NYC
“The results are like a first crush, beautiful and terrifying.”

– Other Music, NYC


01. Begin
02. Sleepwalker MP3 sample
03. Shadowsound
04. Hela
05. Traveller Returning
06. Train MP3 sample
07. Beautiful Blade
08. Mother Twilight
09. Lightning Rods
10. Moth MP3 sample
11. Girl That Said Goodbye MP3 sample
12. Washington State
13. Catch Me
14. Live Old

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