The Spring Maiden is active upon the lawn again, after 7 glorious months of domesticity around the birth of our third daughter, Gudrin. (Our oldest, Edda, started school this fall and our youngest started life. There’s some kind of parallel there …)

Gudrin’s birth brought days that sailed unhinged, out of time, sparkled with holidays and birthdays and the approach of the new year and then the quiet time afterwards in the long stillness before spring.

I’ll admit I was greedy with life (more hearth fires and unworldliness and family time..!), I didn’t want the nights of stories and days of play to ever stop.

But then… lo and behold! The warmth returns. The pulse quickens.  And the family time still continues..

We were invited to Joshua Tree recently to work on an important project that our kids get to partake in.

Kind of like a fantasy for me. I’m always trying to find ways to have it all together in one big glorious nest, bubbling and gurgling.

We played The Roxy on April 3 in L.A. w/ Rasputina.

Next we continue north for:

4/12 Chehalis, WA  @ Matrix Coffeehouse  ALL AGES  www.matrixcoffeehouse.com/
4/13 Olympia, WA @Metcalf Manor     ALL AGES   https://www.facebook.com/MetcalfManor
4/16 Portland, OR @The Historic Church  ALL AGES  http://www.theoldchurch.org/
4/18 Seattle, WA @Barboza    21+  http://www.thebarboza.com/
‎4/19 Eastsound, WA @Random Howse ALL AGES  https://www.facebook.com/randomhowse

and back home for …

4/25 Berkeley, CA @ The Starry Plough  21+  http://www.thestarryplough.com/
‎4/27 Grass Valley, CA @ Bresee Place  ALL AGES  https://www.facebook.com/events/1409430465993023/

And with the budding of many things has also been the ole muse… stewing and cooking a big slice of life these last 3 years, including our time on the forgotten ranch and becoming parents to three girl-children … AKA new songs. !

Which means a new record … ultimately … Hang in there with us, folks, you’ve been loyal for 15 years so far…and now’s no time to slack~

In song,
Dawn the faun